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Welcome To Trips To Heal

Sacred Journeys of Spiritual Healing

and Soul Empowerment

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Sold Out

“It was one of the best

experiences. Thank you for the beautiful time we had alltogether”

Martin, Canada

“Amazing healing journey.

Thank you! I've never felt such a deep connection with nature and

my soul. After dealing with trauma for decades, I am finally letting go, and accepting myself with love

Cathy, UK

“Words are not enough to say how happy I am to be a part of

this amazing group. The energy and connection are so powerful”

Jeff, US


Our Team of Healers


Dr. Darlene Hintzen

Darlene, the owner and operator of Positive Pathways, has been studying metaphysics for over 20  years.  In addition to being an Ordained Metaphysical Minister, she is a Master Hypnotherapist and Instructor, Certified Chopra Center Ayurvedic Perfect Health Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner,

Yoga Instructor and a Group Travel Specialist.

Josie Grouse

Josie is a

renowned spiritual teacher and healer. Through social media, she has helped millions of people to live from the soul,  heal from trauma, and find higher purpose.

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Mariano is a master healer (Peruvian Trip). Here’s the excerpt from the book “Andean Awakening” about Mariano “ Mariano is an Alto Misayoc (Quechua name for High Priest). As High Priest in his community. Mariano was recognized to have all the powers at his disposal. He could call the Apus. He could work with the Universal Energy. He could do healings He could perform any ceremony. He could interact with the Three Worlds”
Mariano and his wife will be doing sacred healing ceremonies with our group.

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